(English Ver) Plan about “Let’s speak in English! Let’s teach Japanese!”

↓in Japanese

Hi, Nice to meet you! My name is Park Sangjoung. Please call me John. I’m Korean, was born in Japan. I have worked as a cram school teacher, and a home teacher. I teach English, Japanese, Japanese history.

 Now, I want to tell you about my event “Let’s speak in English! Let’s teach Japanese!”  

I think if you want to improve your language skill, you should  do not only Reading and Listening, but also practice Speaking and Writing. This event just makes opportunity to speak and listen Japanese for you!

①Date: March 4th Saturday 13:00〜15:00

②Location: In Ichikawa. Please ask Neko, Nezu, Yoko.

③Participant: My students (Junior high school, High school, about 10 students will come)

④The purpose of holding:To practice Speaking in English for my students, in Japanese for you.

⑤The contents of the event:

※ I’ll instruct you on the day of event.
❶Divided into 3~6 groups.
❷Talk some topics (about Japanese culture, your country, your hobby etc. If you have the topics you want to talk (not too difficult for my students;)), please ask me the day of the event.)

I’m looking forward to meeting you!:) 


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